» » » » MARLEY B BUSTIN OUT - Bob Marley [mp3]

MARLEY B BUSTIN OUT - Bob Marley [mp3]

  • Wykonawca Bob Marley
  • Data premiery 1997-07-14
  • Nośnik CD

1: Sun Is Shining2: Kaya3: African Herbsman4: Keep On Moving5: Fussing and Fighting6: Stand Alone7: Caution8: Don't Rock the Boat9: Put It On10: Small Axe11: Dreamland12: Brand New Second Hand13: Trenchtown Rock14: Liveley Up Yourself15: Jah Is Mighty16: Keep On Skanking17: Turn Me Loose18: More Axe1: Adam and Eve2: Thank You Lord3: Wisdom - The Lips Of The Righteous4: Mr. Chatterbox5: Soul Shakedown Party6: Cheer Up7: Caution8: Stop the Train9: Soul Rebel10: Mr. Brown11: Try Me12: It's Alright13: My Cup14: No Sympathy15: Corner Stone16: Four Hundred Years17: Reaction18: Duppy Conqueror

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  • Wymiary w opakowaniu [mm] 10 x 128 x 143
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